About Me

If you are looking content for Oracle Database like installation/upgrade walk-through and troubleshooting on some specific issue then you’ll feel right at home here. You wont find everything here but yes, content over the blog could help you in your task. In this blog, you will find notes for frequent tasks a DBA performs or faces while troubleshooting an issue. If you felt that the content can be helpful to others also, then do share the blog.

I am Andy(Ankur Jain) working as Oracle PeopleSoft DBA from last 9 years and still learning the in and outs of technology but i love sharing the knowledge as I discover it. Previously, I was having my notes in my personal drive and whenever a friend/colleague had requested help, I shared my notes then I realized why I am limiting my knowledge to few people and then I starting thinking about a blog. I started my blog with an Idea to share the knowledge with the world and see if I can help anyone to minimize the time gathering information which I spent in my early days of Database Administration.


I worked across the globe in various geographical locations including India, Malaysia and Singapore with having clients situated in US, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Singapore and UK. In the beginning I started with MySql and Oracle database administration later I started supporting Application infrastructure also including Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS and customize OBIEE. I have published couple of research papers in international journals also, I am still trying to publish more research papers to share my knowledge and work with world.

If you liked the content then please share the blog with others, or if you feel any correction is required then comment on the blog in comment section so that information can be corrected.


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